ORM without ORM


Every backend developer faces with the need to work with database. Usually it’s RDBMS and usually it’s ORM. And it’s convenient and works fine. Until the queries become monstrous. Because RDBMS allow and encourage to write complex queries, but the ORMs… ORMs don’t like anything non-standard. And developer finds himself between the hammer and the anvil: he has to write clean and neat code and he has to utilize advanced DBMS features to reach good performance. So, is there any way to do what we need to do and not to suffer? At the workshop we will search and will find the way to write pretty code and get enthusiastic glance from your DBA.

Alexander Saft photo

Alexander Saft

Moscow, Russia

Alexander is a Software Engineer at Lifestream. Building lots of different APIs helped him to know the other side of work with vary RDBMS and gave him experience to become a sous chef of DBA. Now he is a usual fullstack developer who paints buttons, but with knowledge about transaction isolation levels and ways to get half of database with one query in milliseconds. Likes to take pictures and to talk about photography, especially lifestyle and still life.

Twitter: @AlSaft