Creating IoT Applications with Web Bluetooth


10 million Bluetooth devices ship every day, and that figure is rising. Regarded as one of the key, enabling technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT), Bluetooth is everywhere and in the summer of 2017, a new Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth mesh networking was released. Bluetooth mesh is used in enterprise and industrial IoT systems and in these environments, web technologies and cloud-based architectures are king.

Web Bluetooth allows developers to create web applications which can monitor and control Bluetooth devices. In this session, we’ll review key Bluetooth concepts and capabilities and the Web Bluetooth APIs which let you exploit them.

There may even be demos!

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Bluetooth SIG

Martin Woolley

London, United Kingdom

Martin Woolley works for the Bluetooth SIG, the technical standards body for Bluetooth. He’s an industry veteran with over 30 years’ experience working with computers large, small and ….. getting smaller. He still has a Sinclair ZX81 somewhere.

Martin is the Bluetooth SIG's Developer Relations Manager for the EMEA region and is responsible for informing, educating and supporting developers in the region.

Twitter: @bluetooth_mdw