MVVM as good (anti)pattern in iOS


Nowadays there are a lot of materials, presentations & talks about how great MVVM architecture is. Hype about the view models look like a never ending story. There are a lot of developers who like this approach and use it in their own projects. I tried to go against the grain and show a different perspective of MVVM. I also try to answer questions like: Do we really need it? Does it solves any particular problem or is it overkill?

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EL Passion

Mateusz Szklarek

Warsaw, Poland

I work as an Senior iOS developer at EL Passion for more than 4 years. I created several mobile applications in Objective-C & Swift from scratch. I’m big fan of unit testing in PRACTICE and believe that “each line of code matters”. Lately worked as Flutter developer.

Twitter: @SzklarekMateusz