Move Beyond Functions: Simple, Robust App Hosting with KNative and Google Cloud Run


We were led to believe that as frontends developers, if we wanted easy deployments, we needed to stick our code in a function. Since the birth of Lambda, the FaaS movement had been wildly popular. The problem is we ended up with a stack where we have a bunch of functions for one-offs, a single well maintained deployment path for our main application, and perhaps a mix legacy VMs running particular workloads. If we're lucky, our main deployment path is using K8S and has nice pipelines, but everything else is pretty ad-hoc.

This approach has been defended because why invest in all the work required to deploy to K8S for all those apps? It's a lot of yaml files after all.

But now there's a new approach. With Knative, you can easily deploy your scripts to a Kubernetes cluster with just a simple bit of configuration. No custom frameworks, just a vanilla container running your functions and applications.

Learn how Knative and Google Cloud Run are changing how frontend developers deploy code!

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Scott Feinberg

New York, United States

Scott currently works at Google, helping media customers utilize Google Cloud. Prior to Google, Scott led development for The New York Times Cooking website.