Wake Up, Neo


I believe most of us are just doing their day-to-day job and it's fine. But have you thought are we doing alright as an industry? Do we do things in a right way? Do we do the right things? Are there any flaws in what we are doing? Actually, there are! The security is not great generally speaking, the performance of our apps can be much better, the quality is below optimal and the emotional atmosphere is definitely not ideal. In this topic, I want to uncover those issues to give the current state of the industry and provide some tips on how we can improve it together.

Vladimir Ivanov photo

Vladimir Ivanov

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Vladimir Ivanov is a Mobile Solution Architect in EPAM Systems. Basically it means he designs software systems with focus on the mobile apps. Coming from Android background Vladimir is also proficient in React-Native and cloud technologies and incredibly passionate about sharing his knowledge.

Twitter: @vvsevolodovich